The End, Take 2.

As I took a step back and looked truly at what CreatorsCast is, it became incredibly clear to me that it has become something it was not designed to be.

Thousands of you have addressed it as a "YouTube Killer" or "The Only Video Site I'll Ever Use". Truth is, CreatorsCast was never meant to be something like this. CreatorsCast was originally founded as an alternative to YouTube, a site that would supplement the video-sharing giant with higher quality video and a more supportive community. With YouTube's recent developments, including 60FPS video, fine-tuned quality, and more and more effort being put into creator needs, the need for a site like CreatorsCast has slowly diminished.

While we realize that a lot of you still use the site on a daily basis, right now it's not feasible to keep the site running as-is. Freedom!, our financial partners, have been more than helpful in giving us the funding we required to realize our dream. We think it's unfair, however, to continue to use their money to run something that isn't an active product anymore.

On that note, effective immediately, we'll be shutting down CreatorsCast. This time, it's permanent. Over the course of the next few months, we'll likely be extracting what we can from the project and open-sourcing the majority of it. We've learned a lot, and we want everyone else to benefit from the work we've done.

Thank you, to each and every one of you that's helped CreatorsCast over the last few years. We're truly grateful for all that you've done, and we're just as sad as you are to let it go.

All the best,

Troy Clark, Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Current source for CreatorsCast is available on request: email raptblue (at) gmail (dot) com. Clean source will be posted as soon as it's available, check back soon.